Savino Palumbo is a Baltimore-based jazz/improvising pianist with an enormous range of musical influences. Fascinated and motivated by sonic experiences since childhood, he has spent most of his years seeking more, unbridled by genre or epoch. Whether it’s the ethereal textures of electronic music, the thunderous polyrhythms of extreme metal, the traveling pulsation of minimalist composition, the angular lines of bebop, or the constantly shifting landscape of free improvisation, Savino finds inspiration among all seemingly disparate sonic elements and seeks to unify them into his sound.

Savino began his musical studies in Peabody’s Kindermusik program at age 3, and would then proceed to privately study classical piano starting at age 5. In college, he made the switch to improvisation and graduated from Towson University with a degree in jazz piano performance, and has been a full time musician ever since. From week to week, Savino can be found playing at any number of venues in Baltimore, Washington D.C., and beyond. He is also featured on a variety of studio recordings.

While performing is his main endeavor, Savino is an active composer as well. A tour and recording are in the works for a new trio titled No More Heroes, featuring entirely his own original compositions. Currently, some of his writing (and performing) can be found on albums by his collaborative group Talking Points, available on Bandcamp for listening and/or purchase.